Basak Kagudoy Mactan, Lapu Lapu Cebu

The Philippines

Coming in from Cebu towards Lapu-Lapu on the old bride – just driving straight over and you are on the right way Basak Marigondon Road – after passing by the Mactan international airport then turn left in at the 7-11 store against the life mart store . and here we have the Basak Kagudoy road  that after has its Ending in 3 ML Quezon national Highway

Basak Cagodoy Bankal Buaya road

From Marigondon road to 3 M.L Quezon National higway via: Basak Cagody – Bankal Buaya Road  takes about 56 minutes by feet just walking since it has the distance of 4,6 kilometers.

* is an almost 5 kilometer long road on the Mactan island in Lapu-Lapu, Cebu, Philippines. The Real long  name Basak Cagodoy Bankal Buaya road.

Basak Kagodoy Bankal Buaya road

From Cebu to Mactan on the old bridge just straight on and left at the 7-11 – Life store after  the mactan international airport.

Basak Cagodoy Bankal Buaya road

A view in from Marigondon

Rosary read the bulbing … clean sing, song sang in evaporato – Halo – mi rage – polished light – pi atto – fata morgana. Steam cell Pluri.

So king seek in, selecta ice cream.


The complete and correct adress is

Basak Cagodoy Bankal Buaya road, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu city, Cebu,  Philippines 6015.

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